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World Joy was founded in 2005 as a public, United States-based, charitable organization with its purpose to improve the lives of Ghana citizens living within a rural 13-village area of the Atiwa District (Eastern Region) of Ghana, West Africa.

Click on the following link to watch a short video depicting the accomplishments of World Joy in the Atiwa District of Ghana, West Africa.

Why Ghana?

The need in all of West Africa is great, but with more than fifty years of independence without civil conflict or war, Ghana is perhaps the safest country on the African continent in which to perform international humanitarian outreach. Virtually all other African countries have experienced, and many still face, the uncertainty of government instability and threats to freedom. Ghana has proven its love for peace and its ability to maintain its civility. World Joy's efforts among this gentle and lovely people are met with appreciation and there exists a fervent desire among the villagers to lift and sustain themselves.

Health and Education

World Joy’s founding purpose was to generally improve the lives of citizens living within 13 rural villages in the Atiwa District of Ghana, Africa. However, World Joy has since recognized that the local needs are vast and that in order to be successful and provide the most pointed overall impact, we must focus and offer support and services in the areas of Health and Education. Although the number of villages impacted by World Joy has increased slightly, we remain committed to making a difference in a small circumscribed geographic area. The villagers in this rural area are found to be gentle, faithful, family-oriented, and eager to make the sacrifices necessary for improvement in their quality of life.


Though small, World Joy has been successful in (1) completing the construction of 28 local government-run schools, (2) implementing “Inside Out Learning” and "KG" teacher training programs for classroom teachers and administrators, (3) helping to strengthen several public health initiatives promoted by the local health district, including a village health education initiative, and (4) constructing six health clinics in villages where no health services existed.

Sustainment Philosophy

The old Lao Tzu proverb says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!” This is the philosophy of World Joy. In conjunction with village Chiefs, village Elders, and District personnel, we insist on community ownership and sustainment. Before World Joy moves forward on any construction project, a commitment of:

1. labor (footings, block-making)
2. lumber & natural resources (timber, sand, and gravel)
3. water

must be made by village leadership and the community at large. These commitments typically make up 20-25% of the total cost of construction. Since the villagers take an active part in building schools (and health clinics), they feel ownership and take subsequent pride in caring for them. They have a sense of achievement and are more likely to view education (and good health) as important and see to it that their children attend regularly.

Likewise, our training programs are led by native-trainers who are hand-selected by World Joy leadership. They must exhibit competence and enthusiasm throughout the in-service training workshops, demonstrate mastery of the required curriculum, and provide the on-going commitment requisite to sustain effectiveness and outreach.

In this way, we make a positive impact in West Africa—protecting and preserving the village way of life, while offering the hope and promise of improved literacy and health.

To date, some of World Joy’s accomplishments include:

  • Construction of 30 Schools
  • Excavation of 55 Deep Water Wells
  • Completion of 3 Sanitation Facilities
  • Establishment of 6 Health Clinics
  • Training of over 2,000 Teachers
  • Establishment of (2) Community Learning Centres
  • Establishment of Solar Energy in Health Clinics, Learning Centres, and Schools

Together, we ARE making a difference--One Village at a Time!

Please join us and make a contribution today!