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November, 2015

November, 2015 - The Abrenya community has been requesting a new footbridge over the River Brim for about three years. Several villages where markets are held on the other side of the river from Abrenya have been only marginally accessible because of poor river crossings. The local villagers have been having a difficult time getting their farm goods to market without a reliable bridge to get across. Though fairly complex for a Boy Scout project, Josh Nokes raised the necessary funds,($750) and with the help of dads and other volunteers, including about 20 local villagers, the 85-foot bridge was completed in one 6 hour period.

November, 2014

A beautiful much-needed Health Clinic was completed in November, 2014. Funds were donated by Medical Review Institute of America in Salt Lake City, Utah. This clinic serves several out-reach villages who have not had readily available health services near-by. It houses a medical clinic, along with a two bedroom apartment, kitchen, running water, and two full-time nurses which live on site.

In February 2012 the construction of a new deep water well was completed to provide clean drinking water. This project was championed by Linda Hansen, World Joy's Office Manager and the associates of Stampin Up!

In February 2012, Viridian energy championed the installation of an electricity-generating whirl, so that the school will have light and the children may take home lanterns for evening study.

Gary Farnes, Executive Director of World Joy, made the hike on foot to the Village of Abrenya in October, 2010. He calls Abrenya the “Lost Village”.

A Kindergarten/Primary school was completed in August, 2008 in the village of Abrenya.

Project Champion funding was provided by Tradebot, a corporation in Kansas City, Missouri.

At the time this school was built there was no access road so all materials had to be hand-carried into the village across a tree which bridged the river. This village felt they had been forgotten and were so happy when we came back to them and told them we had funding for their school. They told us that one of their challenges was recruiting and keeping teachers because there was no place for them to stay. We were advised by the village leaders that the little abandoned Catholic chapel was no longer being used so we converted it into a two bedroom living quarters for teachers. Almost immediately the teachers were recruited and have been retained. These teacher's quarters are called The August House.

Abrenya school prior to World Joy

Construction begins

Abrenya Catholic KG & Primary completed