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2013 World Joy Annual Gala Committee:

  • Inga Brown – Committee Chair
  • Wendy Hyde – Vice-Chair

Committee Members: Kami Nielsen, Amy Torman, Jen Winterton, Shanlee Pierson, Barbara Belyea, Mindy Bishop, Kara Church, Melanie Wolfely, Valerie Meade, Wendy Oakes, Kent Pierson.

Other Gala Volunteers included: Angie White, Ginger Lewis, Laurel King, Lindsey Martineau, Cami Hansen, Laura Hansen, Naarah Mount, Trenton Saxton, Maddie Nielsen, Taylor Edwards, Connie Jewkes, Spencer White and Bryant White.

There's Nothing Stronger Than the Heart of a Volunteer!

    2011-2012 WJ Junior Board Members:

    Samantha Hyde - Woods Cross High
    Melissa Low - Woods Cross High
    Mady Bishop - Woods Cross High
    Liza Pugsley - Woods Cross High
    Skyler Farnes - Woods Cross High
    Ashlyn Farnes - Woods Cross High
    Kyle Peay - Woods Cross High
    Tanner Redding - Bountiful High
    Trevor Lloyd - Bountiful High
    Courtney Odom - Bountiful High
    Aubrey Monson - Bountiful High
    Annie Schmidt - Bountiful High
    Erica Monson - Bountiful High
    Meg Howe - Bountiful High
    Khloee Geurts - Bountiful High
    Madison Heath - Viewmont High
    Maddison Klitgaard - Layton High