January 29, 2019 - Dedication of Akim Mampong Presby Primary
Services were held for the cutting of the tape and handing over the keys from the World Joy construction coordinator, George Ofosu, to World Joy, to the Atiwa East Assembly to the District Director of Education and to the Head Teacher of the Mampong Presby School, Mrs. Ivey Constance Eghan.

December 11, 2018 - Various donors contributed to the construction of the Mampong Primary School. Dedication services will take place at the end of January, 2019 where a few World Joy representatives and volunteers will be in attendance.

George Ofosu and his talented local construction crew, with the help of local villagers, completed this much needed edifice.

March 20, 2018 - Bill Low, Jr. and Shirley Low were crowned honorary Queen and King for their contribution to the construction of the Asunafo Primary (6) Classroom Block. The school houses electricity plus a lovely teacher's office with beautiful tiled walls and a lunch preparation room with facilities for hand-washing and cleaning of eating utensils.

Uniforms are a requirement for each student which places a hardship on many families. With the construction of the school, furniture and uniforms were also provided for each student and classroom.

Bill Low, Sr., Roceil, Ashley, Tyler, Brooke, Bill, Jr. and Shirley Low Family.

Signage on the Asunafo Primary School - "To the children of Asunafo from the Bill and Shirley Low family, Salt Lake City, Utah U.S.A.""Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom"" - George Washington Carver, African American Scientist and Inventor

Honorary King and Queen Bill Low, Jr. and Shirley Low.

Cutting of the ceremonial ribbon and handing over the keys to the Asunafo Head Master.

Bill Low, Sr. trying out one of our brand new desks in our World Joy classroom.

November 22, 2016 - Abbigail Crandall and Zach Peterson from Alliance Health were crowned honorary Queen and King for Alliance Health's contribution to the construction of the Nkurakan Primary Block A building. The village held a lovely dedication ceremony for World Joy and their expedition members.

June, 2016 - Thank you to Alliance Health for their contribution in raising funds for the construction of Block A of a Primary School. This compound houses a lovely World Joy Kindergarten, Primary School Block B, and now Primary School Block A. The Junior High School is currently meeting in a small tin structure on the grounds. They are pleading to World Joy for the construction of a new school. The dedication will take place in November, 2016.

September, 2015 - The villagers of Akropong are delighted with their beautiful new Junior High school which sits atop a hill from the previously dilapidated building which was destroyed by a horrific wind storm in May of 2012. Dedication is taking place in November where our Board Chair, Isaac Ferguson and Brian King, our Education Chair will be in attendance for the ceremony. Once again we're grateful to our World Joy Junior Ambassadors and Bill and Roceil Low for their sponsorship.

June, 2015 - Construction on the Junior High School in Akropong is moving along nicely. A heart-felt thank you to our World Joy Junior Ambassadors and a local donor for the funds to complete the structure. Dedication for the edifice should take place in October, 2015.

May, 2015 - A few of the Medical Review Institute of America employees just returned from the dedication of the Abrenya Health Clinic. While there, they helped donate and install 13 laptop computers in the Abomosu Learning Centre. The government has now mandated that the schools teach Information Technology to the students, which is quite difficult since most of the schools do not have computers. With the addition of this beautiful computer lab, the Learning Centre will host computer classes with the schools, along with teaching basic computer skills to the local villagers.

April, 2015 - The World Joy Junior Ambassadors recently returned from the ground-breaking ceremony for the new Junior High School to be built in the village of Akropong. Although Akropong isn't officially one of World Joy's adopted villages, Reginald, one of the World Joy Trainers is a teacher at the JHS in Akropong. After hurricane force winds destroyed most of the current structure, Reginald pleaded to World Joy for help. With the fundraising efforts from the Junior Ambassadors and a generous donor, funds were acquired to come to their aid.

Eight of the Junior Ambassadors, with World Joy Board Member Wendy Hyde, and World Joy Expedition Leader, Linda Hansen, spent 10 days in three of the World Joy villages teaching learning activities at our Learning Centres in Abomosu and Asunafo. Notebooks and pens were presented to the participating students, and the Learning Centres were supplied with badly needed curriculum text books. Currently, in the schools, the textbooks can only be used in classroom study. Many of the students have to share a textbook and none can be taken home for study. Thanks to the World Joy Ambassadors, the Learning Centre in Abomoso now has textbooks where the students can gather after school to do their assignments.

The expedition group had the opportunity to interview and 'walk in the shoes' of ten of the top students in Abrenya and Akropong. It was a long, hot and dusty walk leading to the student's huts and it was an eye-opener as we surveyed their living conditions. One student walks 6 miles to school and home, each day. Many tears were shed as we experienced a few hours in the day of the lives of some typical Ghanaian students.

Erica Monson, a Junior Ambassador, interviewing Dominic from Abrenya.

Dominic's home.

Dominic shares a mat for sleeping with three of his siblings.

Dominic and his family's earthly possessions.

This is the land where the new Junior High will be built.

Beautiful brown-skinned Akropong students.

This is the existing structure of the Akropong Junior High School. When asked the question to many of the students, "What one thing would be helpful for your education?" The common reply was, "Text books, pens, and paper."


December, 2014 - Junior High Test Results Rise from 30% to 67.7%
More than 500 teachers have been trained in the Early Reading Instruction and Reading Instruction program since January, 2014. The Director of Education reports, "Had it not been for World Joy, we would have remained at the bottom."


Dedication of Abomosu R.C. K. G., June, 2014

On June 10, 2014 our 24th school was dedicated. Kami Neilsen and Regina Klitgaard were decorated at the dedication services. Kami and Regina along with a group of youth volunteers have been providing fundraising activities for the past three years and have raised over $33,000. Part of their funds were used to rebuild the crumbling kindergarten structure. This is now a beautiful 3-room classroom building, with the interior painted in a bright yellow.

Skyla Campbell, a member of the 4-H Club in South Carolina collected art supplies, school supplies, soccer balls, and t-shirts, which were given to our students at the Abomosu R.C. K.G., and a school in the tiny village of Abrenya.

Brian Boyle, a 7th grade teacher in Indianapolis, IN has been collecting coins from his school, for the past three years. The funds that his students raised were used to purchase school supplies and help with the construction of the school.

A group of volunteers, led by Linda Hansen, the Director of First Impressions at World Joy, spent 10 days in Abomosu, 90 miles north of Accra.

Austin Francis made 300 slate boards, with chalk and erasers for his Eagle Scout project. Austin was able to provide the much needed writing equipments for some of our neediest villages.

Another of our volunteers, Jan Barney, with the help of her L.D.S. Stake in Mesa, Arizona, made over 200 cloth dolls with dresses, which were handed out to the young girls in our villages, and 300 drawstring chalkboard bags.


Dedication of World Joy Junior Board Learning Center, March, 2014

On April 1, 2014, the 2nd community learning center was dedicated, thanks to the efforts of Wendy Hyde and the World Joy Junior Board and Jody Porter and her volunteers from North Logan, Utah who raised over $57,000.

A group of (15)volunteers along with World Joy's Executive Director, Curt Hopfenbeck and the Development Committee Junior Board Chair, Wendy Hyde, spent a week in the Atiwa District. They provided much needed school supplies, playground equipment, and books to our needy villages.

These dedicated youth are anxiously engaged in fundraising activities and are well on their way to championing another project/program for World Joy.


Nkurakan Primary School, January, 2014

Project Champions: Tim Matthew's Family


Early Reading Instruction Program - June to July, 2013

Stephanie Feller, World Joy’s Education Chair and Education Committee Members, Jessica Dunn, and Phil and Megan Young recently returned from a (5) week training course in our villages.

Stephanie and her Education Committee developed two reading programs, Early Reading Instruction Program for kindergarten, and Reading Instruction Program for grades 1-9. From Stephanie's experience, visiting and teaching the teachers in our adopted villages in Ghana, she reported that there are many students who can't qualify for high school because they can't read two letter words in English. Stephanie, Jessica, and the Youngs spent 5 weeks training (200) teachers plus (9) trainers in June and July of this year. They left the villages on a 'high'. Local trainers have been selected and trained who will continue teaching the programs over the course of the next 9 months. There are 1400 teachers who need to be trained and there are 45,000 students who will benefit from the implementation of the new reading programs in their schools.


Local Elementary Students Feel the JOY of Giving

A big THANK YOU to both Reading and Adelaide Elementary Schools for their recent JARS for JOY fundraising efforts.

Wendy Oakes, a long-time World Joy supporter, asked Linda Porter, Reading Elementary teacher, if her class would be willing to join in the "JARS for JOY" campaign in February. The 5th grade class raised $256.66 and the funds will be used to buy school supplies for the Abomosu Catholic KG. Thanks Reading Wranglers! Yee Haw!!

Adelaide Elementary also held a JARS for JOY three-week fundraiser in March and collected $1,11.83 to purchase uniforms so that Ghanaian students can attend school and be educated. The 2012-2013 Adelaide Student Council reports that they "created flyers to send home with students, made posters to hang throughout the school, and gathered jars to decorate and place in each classroom to collect money."

We are so thankful for the association that has existed between Adelaide and World Joy since 2004—nearly ten years! They honor us with their continued support of our efforts in Ghana, West Africa. Gooooooo Tigers!


"JARS FOR JOY" A HUGE SUCCESS! Brian Boyle, a 7th grade teacher at Nativity Catholic School in Indianapolis and his class raised $316.38 for a kindergarten classroom at a fellow Catholic School in Abomosu, Ghana, West Africa for World Joy.

In the service project, called "Jars for Joy", each homeroom at Nativity received a jar in which students could donate spare change. When the change was collected at the end of the month, it totaled more than $300. This money will go towards the renovation of the existing Abomosu Catholic Kindergarten.

An 8th grader at Nativity, Cassidy Mattingly, went to Ghana this past summer with the Miche expedition through World Joy. The seventh grade service project idea grew out of her experience.

Thank you, Brian Boyle and the wonderful students at Nativity Catholic School!


MICHE GIVES MUCH! Corporate Philanthropy at it's Absolute Finest!

From June 17 - 23, thirty-three (33) MICHE Executives and Associates spent the week sizing up their fine accomplishments! In a tremendous show of compassion and outreach, MICHE of South Jordan, Utah funded the contruction of the NEW eagerly-awaited Abomosu Catholic Junior Secondary School. The caption painted on the school in this photo says:

AKWAABA! MICHE This school was a gift made possible by a generous donation from the MICHE company and its representatives - 2012.

World Joy would like to recognize MICHE's brilliant Executive Leadership Team:

  • Corbin Church, Chief Executive Officer
  • Matt Fleming, Chief Legal Officer
  • Jim Brady, Chief Operating Officer
  • Jayma Woods, Executive VP of Domestic Distribution
  • We would also like to thank Judd Bateman, Events Director, and his ever-capable and responsive assistant, Suzanne Bailey, for the integral part they played in the funding and communications surrounding the effort. And, of course, Stoney Winterton of Destinations and WJ Board Member, Mitch Lord, who both championed the overall collaboration!

    As expedition participants, MICHE representatives had the rare opportunity to immerse themselves in a culture rich in tradition and ritual unlike anything they had ever experienced. Located deep within the tropical rainforest, MICHE chose to champion a school located in the central village of Abomosu. In this unique setting they were able to experience the JOY of international humanitarian outreach and feel the deep stirrings of compassion that can only accompany service of this magnitude.

    True to the original purpose of the expedition, MICHE guests enthusiastically vested themselves in the following during their 7-day visit:

  • Completed the Abomosu Junior Secondary School which was constructed through the generous donations provided by so many MICHE associates
  • Provided labor for the landscaping of this school
  • Painted and refurbished the Abomosu Zion Kindergarten School
  • Participated in the culminating dedication ceremony where Jayma Woods, Executive VP, and her husband, Gavin, were donned in ceremonial robes. All enjoyed the festivities and traditional dancing that inevitably ensued!
  • Here's just a sampling of their experiences, IN THEIR OWN WORDS:

    Traveling to another country for the sole purpose to make a postitive difference was the best thing I've ever done. For me, watching the school children run towards us screaming and laughing with hands in the air, will forever be my favorite time of the trip!

    In Abrenya, we enjoyed our time playing and visiting with the children. They were so well-mannered, respectful, and loving. The teachers were amazing. To say goodbye, they gathered around and sang us some traditional African songs. We are so thankful that this was a part of our experience. Thank you, World Joy.

    A memorable experience that helped to bring into focus how easy it can be to help so many others with so little. [I was] very happy to see the majority of donations do go directly to the effort and the results of those efforts are genuine happiness and appreciation.

    Along with visiting the villages, they also welcomed a bit of well-earned rest and relaxation during the final two days of the excursion while staying at the Coconut Grove Beach Resort. They also took in the sights (and smells) of the local fishing village, toured the Elmina Slave Castle and visited the Kakum National Rainforest--where they bravely participated in the famed Canopy Walk.

    To see all of the visually-stunning images captured during their adventurous week, please click on this link:

    * * * * *

    Miche is an innovative and progressive company out of South Jordan, Utah that creates handbags and accessories and is the latest corporation leading out in the arena of Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2011 Miche began to sponsor a program called Project 6, an ambitious effort to do a yearly on-location humanitarian project in six continents over six years. For the year 2012, Miche chose to partner with World Joy and focus on the continent of Africa. In June of 2012, Independent Miche Representatives and employees from their Home Office team will travel to Ghana, at their own expense, to help put the finishing touches on the secondary school deep in the tropical rainforest of Ghana.

    For more information on Miche Project 6 click here: