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World Joy’s mission is twofold:

(1) to improve the quality of life of villagers within the Atiwa District of Ghana, Africa by strengthening health and public education services (Ghana), and (2) to provide service and learning opportunities to individuals, groups, and partner communities (USA).

We will accomplish this by:

• Delivering Effective and Sustainable Programs
• Optimizing Resources
• Developing and Sustaining an Efficient Organization

In partnership with Atiwa District government officials, tribal leadership, and World Joy’s local field agents, we identify the most crucial needs and provide viable and sustainable solutions.

We insist on community ownership and ask for a commitment from village leaders and the community at large to provide (1) natural resources (timber, lumber, and gravel), (2) skilled and unskilled laborers and (3) water. The subsequent pride taken in each achievement (whether construction project or training program) provides for ownership and accountability.

World Joy remains steadfast in its focus and determination to serve and bring joy to this small circumscribed geographic region until such time as the area is self-sustaining.