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Traditionally, days of the week are very important aspects of the naming culture in Ghana. Babies are given a "day name" according to the day of the week on which they were born—along with other ancestral and religious names that are also given. These "day names" come in pairs for each specific day; one for males and the other for females. Below is a chart indicating the male/female names for each corresponding day of the week.

Day of the Week Male Female
Monday Kojo Adjoa
Tuesday Kwabena Abena
Wednesday Kwaku Akua
Thursday Yaw Yaa
Friday Kofi Afua
Saturday Kwame Ama
Sunday Kwesi Akosua

For example: A baby boy born on Wednesday is called Kwaku, but a girl is called Akua.

To find out what day of the week you were born on so that you can discover your Ghanaian name, click this link http://www.dayoftheweek.org/#axzz4WDrJllQ5