June, 2016 The Raybould Family raised funds to complete the District Education Offices in Kwabeng, the capital of the Atiwa District. Prior to the funding, the District was meeting in a one-room office where many of the educators had to work outside, under a mango tree.

June, 2016 The Wekpeti footbridge was built by local villagers, and the Raybould family, with funds raised by Eagle Scout, Noah Bagley.

January, 2016 - The Akropong Junior High School was completed. Funds were donated by the World Joy Junior Ambassadors and Bill and Roceil Low.

This is the structure the Junior High students were meeting in, prior to the aid of World Joy.

November, 2015 The Wekpeti Health Clinic was completed. Funds were donated by Bill and Shirley Low.

February, 2012 Wekpeti electricity-generating whirl championed by Viridian Energy