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Project/Program Priorities 2014-2015

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1. Reading Instruction Training for Teachers. Week-long Workshops for training 40-50 classroom teachers in techniques on how to teach children to read. Reading is the number one problem for students, as identified by the Atiwa District office. Each workshop costs about $2,500; ten workshops are scheduled each year ($25,000 Total Annually). Second and third year funding needed.

2. Community Learning Center Program. Designed to provide a variety of community-based learning programs for children and adults (literacy, reading hours, computer training, vocational development, parenting, etc.—programs are determined by community interest and support). Estimated 2 year budget--$20,000.

3. Community Health Education Program. A comprehensive health education manual for use by community health workers and trained village volunteers has been developed by WJ. A systematic approach to village education is now being encouraged by the Health District. A simple evaluation strategy is also needed to measure reductions on sickness and mortality. An on-going in-service training and community education program will cost $7,500 per year.

4. District Leadership Skills. Discussions have been held with district leadership (District Executive, Health and Education District Directors) on the need for strengthening local leadership skills, in order to forward the health & education work in the District. Critical skills needed by local leadership. The Arbinger Institute has offered free training to district leadership. $15,000 will support one cycle of training.

5. Akropong Junior High School Construction—destroyed by a storm in 2013- August 2013 Bid--$58,000 Complete.

6. Nkurakan DA Primary School, Blk A Construction. BLK B WAS COMPLETED IN JANUARY 2014 BY MATTHEWS FAMILY. Preliminary Construction Bid: $45,500

7. Abrenya Catholic Junior High School. This is a new construction; It will be three (3) classrooms, an office and a storeroom; Valiant men & women in Abrenya and are very supportive. Estimated Cost—$50,000

8. Abrenya CHPS Health Clinic Construction. Estimated Cost $60,000, including solar power and borehole; MRIoA Commitment to support in 2014.

9. Kwabeng DA Kindergarten Construction. Model Kindergarten for Atiwa District, Three (3) classrooms with office and store; Special request from District leadership. Estimated Cost: $35-40,000.

10. Abomosu Presbyterian Primary School Construction. Old Building is in serious disrepair. New Construction required. Estimated cost: $50,000.


1. Books. There is a continuous need for locally produced books of all kinds (classroom texts, reading books at all levels [Kindergarten to Adult], & reference materials. Donations of $10 and upward enhances both school and community libraries.

2. School Uniforms. All Ghanaian school children are required to wear uniforms. A donation of $12.50 will purchase one uniform for a child in classes K-9.

3. Health Unit Furnishings. Clinics are poorly furnished and equipment is needed for basic primary care. Donations of $25 or more help improve health services.